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Nitta’s low endotoxin gelatin and collagen “beMatrix” were developed as a versatile solution to many challenges in the development of medical devices and therapeutics.
Unlock the Potential of beMatrix

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Local Injection

Virus Stabilization

Controlled Release of Growth Factors

Cell/Tissue Transportation

Virus Stabilization


Viruses are notoriously unstable, requiring storage and handling at extreme temperatures from -60°C to -80 °C. This hurdle has slowed the development and commercialization of revolutionary treatments such as oncolytic virus and gene therapies.


beMatrix biotech+ for Virus Stabilization can stabilize virus at 4°C giving you the opportunity to improve overall viral viability, cut costs associated with cold chain logistics and reduce loss during operator handling. This application is set to dramatically change the way such therapies are managed.

Example (Oncolytic Virus)

Step 1: Mix the oncolytic virus with “beMatrix biotech+ virus stabilization”
Step 2: Shipping the product by 4℃
Step 3: Administration of oncolytic virus

1. Kadji et al. ;Stability of enveloped and nonenveloped viruses in hydrolyzed gelatin liquid formulation. Virology Journal 19:94 (2022)

Local Injection


Precision is a challenge when administering therapeutics via Local Injection. Costly biologics are lost to leakage from the injection site and inaccurate administration decreases the efficacy of a payload.


beMatrix biotech+ for Local Injection can reduce seepage from a needle’s entry point and improve the efficiency, accuracy, and suspension of administered therapies at your intended injection target.

Example (Cell & Gene Therapy)

Step 1: Mix the injectable drug with “beMatrix biotech+ for Local Injection”
Step 2: Inject into the target site
Step 3: Reduced seepage
Step 4: Expensive drugs can be used more efficiently.
Prevent of complications due to leakage.

1. Anamizu.M et al.; Acta Biomaterialia, 100:184-190
2. Kotani.K et al.; under preparation

Controlled Release of Growth Factors


Injected growth factors are disappeared in the body. In some cases, patients require follow up visits for re-administration. This causes inconvenience and reduced adherence to therapeutic protocols.


One visit is better than two! Degradability of gelatin hydrogel(sheet / microsphere) can be manipulated to achieve the desired release timeline for your therapeutic, ensuring slow release for improved efficacy. By adjusting the characteristics of gelatin, it is possible to suppress the burst in the initial period of drug administration.


Limb ischemia (Angiogenesis), Sudden hearing loss, Facial nerve paralysis, Femoral head necrosis, Heart failure (Angiogenesis), Induced avascular necrosis of the jaws.

Example (Regenerative Medicine)

Step 1: Absorption of growth factors into cross-linked gelatin
Step 2: Administer to the defect site
Step 3: Slow release of growth factors at the site
Step 4: Promotes regeneration of defect sites

1) Femoral head necrosis
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 ‐Kuroda.Y et al; Regen Med. 2021 Jun;16(6):535-548.
2) limb ischemia
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3) Sudden hearing loss
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4) Facial nerve paralysis
-Hata.N et al; Otolaryngol Head Neck Surg. 2012 Apr;146(4):641-6.

Cell / Tissue Transportation


When transporting cell sheets, spheroids, and 3D structures using cells (cell tubes, etc.), there are problems such as deformation and cell necrosis. These are very time-consuming and costly to manufacture, so care must be taken in transporting them until they are used for transplantation.


By mixing “beMatrix biotech+ Cell / Tissue Transportation”, it becomes possible to fix complex tissues and transport them to a transplant facility while maintaining their shape. It is also possible to prevent cell necrosis during transportation by using this technique.


Step 1: Dissolve “beMatrix biotech+ Cell / Tissue Transportation” and pour it over the tissue you want to fix
Step 2: Once the “beMatrix biotech+ Cell / Tissue Transportation” has gelled and the tissue has been fixed, it is transported to its destination.
Step 3: Dissolve the gel on site and remove the tissue.
Step 4: Transplant surgery to the patient.

1. Ohyabu.Y et al; J Biosci Bioeng. 2014 Jul;118(1):112-5.

Other Applications


  • Virus stabilization
  • Controlled release of drug
  • Cell tissue transportation

Medical Device

  • Bone void filler
  • Arterial Embolization
  • Hemostatic agent
  • Coating
  • Adhesive
  • Wound dressing
  • Artificial nerve and other tissue

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Unlock the potential of gelatin.